Sunday, April 8, 2007

no new knitting....

due to the fact that i've recently started a new job, i haven't been doing all of the knitting i'd like to do. firstly, i no longer have much of a commute - from a short train ride it's been cut down to a short walk. yes, yes i know you can knit while you are walking. but it's also been unreasonably cold in my neck of the woods. which, i understand, could be said for a great many places. global warming is scary.
so i have no FOs to speak of, however i have started a new knitting project! i can't be stopped, i won't be stopped. it's a stunning (and dead simple) lace pattern in Artfibers' yarn Tskui. it's an amazing shade of deep turquoise blue. it's one of the nicest things i've knit with. once it's blocked, it's going to be a work of art. it's very sculptural.
and not a pair of socks. i started a new pair with sockotta in handsome greens, browns, and white.
but they aren't anywhere near done, mainly because they aren't intended for anyone yet. i think the SO is up next in the rotation, perhaps past due even.
i am sure i'll find a rhythm again, and get back into hardcore knitting.


SheepsPyjamas said...

The Tskui looks like fun stuff to work with -- can't wait to see more!

How are things going with the new job? Those of us that are still a short train ride away miss you!

Sean said...

waving, "hello" per sheepspyjamas...we miss you too!