Tuesday, July 3, 2007

they're grooooowing

Doh! I keep forgetting to take a close up of the bottom, so you can see the yarn better. Because I am sure you are all curious! I'm curious.... Thanks to my awesome Summer of Socks blog reader Barb - the Jaywalkers are looking pretty!

The pattern is a little hard to see in the picture, but what's going on is some rhombuses (or rhombi, according to Merriam Webster), with eyelets in the middle, and the pattern repeats such that stockinette chevrons separate the rhombi. Oh, words.
Yeah, and there is some random diamond at the bottom that I thought I was going to go somewhere with, but didn't!

Yesterday a piece of Verizon equipment broke in the building I work in. This resulted in our entire office being without phone or internet service for the entire day yesterday, and until 12 today. One of the important features of my job is to answer the phones and direct calls (mostly just try and get rid of solicitors...). Other parts of my job rely on the internet (ordering, coordinating guests and repairs with the office of the building, reading knitty....). Thankfully Monday morning I tucked the book I was reading into my bag just in case I had some free time. You Don't Love Me Yet isn't a particularly long book, but I hadn't gotten that far into it. I finished it right around lunch time (1pm for me). You can't go that far where I live and NOT run into a book store, so I stopped by the college book store I work near and I picked up Three Bags Full - somehow I haven't heard of this book yet! It's a very clever book about a flock of sheep who want to mystery of their shepherd's death. It isn't cutesy, but it is filled with some pretty hysterical puns. It treats the sheep very intelligently and left me hanging right up to the reveal. Sometimes the language is dense, which could come from the fact that it's been translated from German, or because it's the author's first novel. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with knitting, but it does revolve around a flock of sheep who are prized for their fleeces.
I give it 5 "Baas!"


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