Saturday, March 10, 2007

i have a confession

i knit socks.
maybe you knit socks too.
i've knit socks for a year and four months. really, i didn't know what i was getting into when i started. i thought i'd try a pair. some sort of stripey regia 4-ply. size 3 dpns, as i recall. and 2s for the ribbing. those were the days when i changed needles for the ribbing.
now it's all magic loop on curly addi's... it's pretty irritating that i can't get the cord straight-(ish) again. i tried steaming it, and it worked, for a moment. next pair (trekking XXL in lovely shades of purples) they were once again like a slinky.
such is the life of an addicted sock knitter.

i am not sure what i am getting into with blogging about it, maybe some relief from my guilt for giving up cooking, cleaning, and human interaction, all in the name of knitting these wondrous little tubes that mysteriously fit feet. i am doing this for fun, maybe to learn something, basically just to have an outlet for all the stitches i make in my head.

i welcome you to share your stories, offer support, patterns, reviews of yarn...
all in the name of feeding a glorious, rewarding addiction.

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