Monday, March 12, 2007

turning the heel....

i wonder why turning a heel is so magical.

I work feverishly to get down to knitting the heel flap (which i think holds it's own magical powers) and then knitting that tiny little bit of fabric that curves and molds itself to my foot. after knitting a straight tube, it feels so special that you are constructing this elbow, and the foot shoots off in an entirely new direction. it's so simple but so important. who wants tube socks?

i've just completed turning the heel on the current pair of socks. i still need to pick up stitches along the heel flap (slip stitch ribbing - i mixed it up from my typical eye-of-partridge heel).

after these are cast off and aside, i may make these beauties, but i am not sure what yarn i would like to use. not sure if i have something appropriate in the stash. i liked using the regia silk - i made a handsome pair of convertible mittens in black from Not Just More Socks (that title always seemed grammatically incorrect to me). But I just wound up some lovely shades of solid koigu to try my hand at one of the mosaic socks from Sensational Knitted Socks... It's so hard to make a decision.

I haven't challenged myself to doing either complicated cables OR colorwork in my socks. Both of which I've conquered in other parts of my knitting. So we'll see what I dive into... Perhaps I'll get pictures up tomorrow.

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SheepsPyjamas said...

No matter how many socks I knit, it always amazes me when the heel turn actually works out right (and somehow, it generally does), magical indeed. I suspect that's why I keep knitting socks even after the umpteenth pair...

I really like the Clessidra Stockings -- thought about tackling a pair myself but, well, I'm a bit sock-involved for a bit... Love to see how they'd turn out if you do try 'em!