Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spinning beginnings....

I wish I had a much better camera to show off this awesome fiber! My spinning isn't much to look at, but I am enjoying myself. Also, I am intimidated to have to go back and ply all this once it's done! SheepsPyjamas and I are finally having our sockspinalong - we bought the same fiber (same color, too!) and we're going to spin it and see what kind of neat-o neon spring green socks we get! I will invite anyone who reads to join us! Spin to knit socks! It's my first -along, so I hope to make it a good one.

What I am particularly excited for is trying out something in Favorite Socks, or More Sensational Knitted Socks... I am nearly done with my sunrise/sunset socks, and still plodding along on the Sockotta ones. Eventually all will be finished - I'll need needles!

The fiber came from Nick's Meadow Farm. I have some more than this finished, almost 1/2 a bobbin!

To give myself even more impetus to finish, I went on a spending spree at the Woolery and ordered all sorts of Ashford goodies. 4 more bobbins, a niddy noddy (so i can get my *other* spun yarn into a hank!), a repair kit, and The Ashford Book of Spinning. Wow. Yes, I really went all out and treated myself, largely for no reason. Sometimes it just has to happen.


SheepsPyjamas said...

And sometimes it just happens for the best reason -- must have bobbins, the more, the betterer! (If you end up overdoing it, though, I have a skeiner and a heavy duty ball winder you'd be more than welcome to take advantage of, got 'em way back when for, well, just no reason! :`)

I've been working upstairs today -- load of laundry, spin a bit, load of laundry, spin a bit, okay, spin a bit more... I've got two bobbins going now; I discovered that only the downstairs wheel works with bobbins from work, so I yielded and started a new bobbin. Like I said, more bobbins, the betterer!

Along the lines of tools, I was wondering if we might lunch in Porter and then head over to H2? Lucy's having her yearly sale and, hubby sorta promised, you see I .need. a jumbo flyer and bobbins for the downstairs wheel (yes, you'd be welcome to borrow them too, though I'm not sure they'll work on a Joy, hafta see...), it's an absolute necessity, and I hear you get entered into a contest for a wheel the jumbos do fit on, just for showing up... Call me? (Lost your number _again_!)

SheepsPyjamas said...

I spun (span?) some more this weekend, it is nice stuff to spin, isn't it? And I'm glad you remembered the vendor, I'm notoriously bad about not knowing what or how much or from where by the time I'm done -- it's good to have friends that can fill in the blanks!

I quite enjoyed Saturday (and I've been back for boba already!) and I've been thinking of playing around to see if the chair wheel just might be willing to "gossip" after all... Wonder if anyone's tried that? Anyway, catch up again soon -- hopefully we can actually manage a spin day before we run out of socks to spin! :*)