Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New and knitworthy!

Well hello again! This is what I've been toiling away on..... Enjoy!
Finally, as promised, pictures of my beloved Tsuki scarf. As you can see, I only have ~16" done, but they've been a GREAT 16"! It is being knit on size 6 Nacre needles, which somehow combine the sleekness of metal and the grip of bamboo. I love working with them! The yarn is beyond pleasureable to work with (and it's mohair! Mohair! oh, and silk! Silk!). It is luminous.

Here is a close up so you can see the bubbley, foamy ripples of the scarf. Isn't it delicious? Yummy silk, fun pattern (I've made a few mistakes on how many repeats I've done, but I am sure not ripping back! Besides, I very much enjoy the organic, unrefined nature of the scarf).

Introducing: Sunrise/Sunset Socks! This is a close up of the Sunrise sock (I think because I am working from inside and outside of the ball it sort of reverses). Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (can't remember the real color name...) Size 2 needles, Hiya Hiya, new at Woolcott! They are a little more grippy than my Addis, but my Addis are also really worn out! So these feel great, comparatively. They are also much smaller than my Addis, which I like. They are nice and pointy. These are being done toe-up-two-at-once-magic-loop! It's going pretty well, they are coming quick (ummm maybe because they are all i've been working on!)

And here is the far! See the sunrise and sunset? Kinda a little? Ah well, they might just be my most favorite pair of socks yet! The yarn is so so soft and wonderful to work with. I love the texture of the fabric - perfectly firm! They feel great on, cushy, and the ribbing makes them so comfortable. I'm in love! I need more! Thankfully I have some DK weight in neon blues-greens-yellows (I have a think for brights!)

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