Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New aquisitions....

Here is what tempts me as I labor away on a variety of other projects.... Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Crazy Woman! HA! It is my favored combination of blue-red-purples, ever-so-soft, and apparently likes to be knit on 3s.... Although I'd like to see how that works for me before committing to something like that. I like a good, firm sock.

What is keeping my hands away? Still, the Tsuki scarf, which slowly grows and ungulates out of my hand like a coral reef. Pictures to come...
Still, the Sockotta socks, one down, one to go. At least it's started, and living in my purse, ready to go whenever I am.
Lastly, I'm cranking out a baby sweater (bottom-up raglan cardigan in Cascade Superwash). Lotsa straight knitting, but it's small and it's going fast, even at 5 stitches/inch.

And also, this! This is two singles tightly spun together. Next step is plying the 2-plys, which will thankfully not take as long as plying the singles... I thought it would never end! My poor bobbin decapitated itself somehow (I found this out after wondering why my wheel was making all these weird noises....) but maybe with some glue and a little luck I can mend it.
So now, after I publish this, I will get to plying! I am very excited, it's my first 4-ply yarn. I am sure it will be just beautiful.

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