Friday, June 29, 2007

Diamonds on the tips of her toes...

At the moment, as far as the green handspun socks go, I am back to where I was before I frogged them. No more hideous snarls of yarn to contend with. They just about cover my toes. I am almost finished with the pattern motif that I made up, so I am debating whether I want to repeat it, or just go stockinette, or do something different...
Word to the wise: Unless you really know what you're doing, chart a pattern first. I made my pattern up as I was going along, and as a result, messed up the pattern, so the socks are even more fraternal. Still, I am pleased with how it looks, and I am slowly understanding the yin and yang of lacy patterns.
It's Friday, and I am counting down the minutes to go home. I really do like my job, but there are times where I have zero work to do (despite imploring everyone I have contact with to give me something to do). So I knit, read useless online content, and from time to time, blog. I have just devoured a stale Twizzler, and I have a severe movie-theatre popcorn butter craving. (perhaps some pre-PMS...). Sadly, there isn't anything I particularly want to see playing at my local theatre. This means I will probably go home in 27 minutes and make some popcorn. I am determined to be ready for this upcoming move, and I am going to try packing up some of my kitchen. At my best guess, this is the breakdown of my "stuff":
30% kitchen
20% yarn
20% bedding
10% clothing
10% furniture
10% books/knick knacks

Sorry for the horribly boring, intimate details. I am off to meter some mail.

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