Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where are my socks?

Why am I not finished with them already? Recently, I've been getting my knitting done in my "spare time" - moments where I had time to myself to curl up and knit, watch a movie, or at least a Law and Order rerun. More recently, I haven't had any spare time!
I don't have any new pictures for one good reason - I made some progress on the green socks but I wasn't happy with how they were coming out (too big), so I riiiiiiipped them out. Now they are back to a bit further than the first picture. I am pretty much making the pattern up as I go, but this time through I know where I made mistakes, so they can be avoided. I believe these will be called "Diamondback" socks... Just to tantalize a little.
Where has all my time gone?
-Finding an apartment: I am moving at the end of July (please do NOT remind me that that's only a month away). My roommate and I have searched all around our town to find suitable living accommodations (and it's not like we have that many stipulations, but the pickings are slim for an Aug. 1 move-in date). Last night we scheduled an appointment to see yet one more house, and I fell in love when I walked in! It's perfect (well, at least I think that now). There is a screened in porch and a cute backyard, and despite the fact that kitchen is easily 1/3 of the size of the one I have now (which I have filled every single inch of), I find it incredibly charming. The bedrooms are big and equal in size, AND they have ceiling fans. Beautiful dark hardwood floors. FREE laundry in the basement. like I said, pretty perfect.

-Cleaning my current apartment: my roommate with a furbaby moved out already, and we need to get rid of evidence of our furry friend's existence. we're going to end up with the equivalent of 10 more cats when all is said and cleaned and done.

-Playing addicting video games: All I have to say, is SimCity is now on the Nintendo DS. I am reliving my childhood dreams of being a city planner.

-Reading: Long ago, I could polish off novels in a few sittings. Now it takes me a little longer. I just dived into Jonathan Letham's new book You Don't Love Me Yet. I'm already writing the screenplay in my mind...

My typical "wind down for the evening" routine goes as follows:

  • Knit until I start falling asleep (about 1/2 hour). I start out knitting because that requires the most hand/eye/brain coordination.
  • Play the DS until I start falling asleep with it in my hands. Requires slightly less hand/eye coordination (especially SimCity because I can just leave it running without actually doing anything).
  • Read until I fall asleep with the book open. Requires no coordination whatsoever.

I've been so wiped out lately that my bedtime has inched up to an embarrassing hour, and my winding down time has been encroached on my sleep. I can barely croak out a good night when I call my boyfriend (who is wide awake and doesn't understand how I can go to bed so early).

So that's my excuse, knitting friends! Now that I am relieved from the extreme burden of finding housing, I will have a little more free time.

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SheepsPyjamas said...

It's not a month away, the end of the month isn't until Saturday! (ducks and runs) Good luck with the AllButPerfectKitchen house -- does that mean you've an agreement and are set with it?

I'd sympathize about your evenings, but I'd be better off empathizing. I used to read a book quickly too, but now picking one up just makes me fall asleep right away (be glad you're not there yet...) I'm just hoping it doesn't start happening with knitting, wouldn't that be the worst? "Dr., I need some antisoporifics so I can keep knitting until a reasonable hour..."

Oh, and let me know if I can give you a hand along the way...