Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I feverishly finished the heel turn while on my lunch break, and then scurried back in to surreptitiously scan in said sock heel... (did I ever mention my love of alliteration?) Here is the Sockotta socks, colorway unknown (I probably lost the label long ago). I think these are destined to be on the feet of a man.

I am a lazy sock knitter. Gauge? I pretty much stick to 2s. If they are too small for me, they'll be for someone else. Too big? For my sweetheart then. And so, thankfully this is a pretty manly, or at least unisex (as if that's stopped me before!) color.

And oh oh! You can see near the tip and all the way at the other end where the needle is cut off (I was in a hurry!) how worn the needle is! I have completed maaaaaybe 7 pairs (margin of error +/-1) with these and the parts that are rubbed bare do make them a little more difficult to knit with. And see how the cord is all curved around? fun. These might crawl off into retirement after this sock is finished (I've finished one of the pair already). I really like the Hiya Hiyas, and the Addi lace needles weren't bad, but for the money I'd rather have the Hiyas. The cord is much more flexible. Plus at my LYS, I could only find a pair of 32" 1s, which make two at once magic looping just a tiny bit annoying. I did it, but I would have liked a little more room.

I will have more pictures when they are finished, and lots more to show off - sweetheart + camera are visiting tonight.


SheepsPyjamas said...

Can't help with US2 HiyaHiya's (though I did like the one I picked up the other day), but I probably know someone that might be able to contribute a spare set of Addi's to the cause, just maybe...

I like the way the yarn is patterning, can't wait to see the rest of the teaser!

Dipsy said...

Awww, these socks are going to be gorgeous - what a great colorway! I'm like you when it comes to knitting socks, I guess I've never done a swatch for socks - like you I stick to 2's and if they're too small, there's usually someone else around who'd enjoy a pair of socks ;)
Happy knitting!