Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Don't eat the green sheep!

So what do you think? It's still sitting on a bobbin,
I am being lazy and haven't skeined it up yet.
But it's pretty snazzy! I can't wait to make socks- I think they'll be my first pair for Summer of Socks. And I am SO excited to see how they compare to Sheepspyjamas socks! There is a surprising amount of color variation within the yarn, it's not 100% green. I enjoyed spinning it, and plying was quick, too. I have a little left over that isn't plied yet - in case of a knitting emergency!
My house has little tufts of green spread throughout... I found some in my bed last week, there is some rolling around the dining room, bits in the living room... It's like the cat hair tumbleweeds that have taken over my house. I am looking forward to doing a good clean sweep - yard sale this weekend, and then I'm moving in less than two months. I am - gasp- parting with some inherited yarn this weekend (as much as Lopi is a great yarn, I'll never get around to making 6 sweaters worth of it....), so that should make moving a little easier.

I keep wondering what to do with the little left over ends of spinning projects.... Some of it I, err, recycled and used to tie my skeins up, but it would be nice to use in a slightly more productive manner. Hmmm... So here is my 4-plied handspun. It does look "chained" which fascinates me. Once again, no plans for knitting. I think it's too tightly spun and would make rather uncomfortable socks. Maybe a lacy scarf. I have more knitting news, but I will try and spread it out (i.e. give myself something to do while I am unoccupied at work).


Sean said...

Lovely job, hon! I love the color!

Dipsy said...

Oh my gosh, this yarn is to die for! What a truly awesome colorway - you did a really great job with that!

S.A. knitter said...

Thank you! It's going to be really fun knit up. I am looking forward to picking out a pattern and swatching!